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Can we get a discussion going? :)

I JUST finished school and while I procrastinated toiled away at my desk, I longed to write TxE fics or draw TxE fanart. Now that my vacation has OFFICIALLY started, I lost all my creative juices and I don't even know where to start.

To regain my motivation and hopefully spark some inspiration in other fans, I wanted to start talking to other TxE supporters about why we love this damn pairing so damn much!!! I personally don't have TxE friends in real life, unless I somehow converted them with my passionate diatribes about "WHY THIS PAIRING IS SO PERFECT" and "WHY DID THIS NEVER HAPPEN." So, I'll start up with my little rant. Warning: Cracky at times. Mmmm, crack.

It bugged me to no end, when I first read the series in the 7th grade, that Tomoyo never got to find her special someone. When I finished the last chapter of volume 12, I just went, "....Okay, but whuck? Where's the Tomoyo love?" CLAMP just left her off looking with sparkly misty eyes as Sakura ran off to her hunky boytoy Syaoran, with the breeze blowing little tiny sakura blossoms in the background (idek if that's really the case, but it's totally believable anyway).

In volume 7 or 8 or 9 or whatever, when Eriol shows up, I was like "Hooh yea, this boy is classy and foooiiine, perfect for Tomoyo!!! Maybe he can snap her out of her incestuous desires." But, of course, what do they do? THEY ADORE SAKURA TOGETHER AND NEVER EVEN LOOK AT EACH OTHER.

Except for those couple of pages where Tomoyo gives Eriol that knowing smile, catching him off guard (*squeeeeee!*). The goddamn text bubble always says something like, "Sakura is cute, ne?" or "Sakura and Syaoran are really getting along!" or "Sakura THIS" or "Sakura THAT" when it SHOULD say something like "Eriol, you and I seem to have a lot in common. Let's start hanging out more and when we reach out teen years, maybe we'll start dating and when we're older teens, we can start making out?"


Eriol, in an 11-year-old's body, has somehow captured the heart of a woman in her late 20s, who actually chose to dump a young Touya Kinomoto to get with an even younger child. Hey, I'm not character-bashing Kaho so don't start that with me. I'm just recounting EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED.

Tomoyo got left in the dust, wistfully staring at something she would never have.
So then started my anger-fueled love for Tomoyo and Eriol. However, my writing skills were quite... crappy back in the day and nothing I wrote would ever be able to fully live up to the love I had for the pairing. And as expected, I grew up and became better equipped with ~knowledge~ and ~vocabulary~ to articulate my thoughts.
I want to get started with the characters:

Tomoyo. My favorite character in all of CCS. Sweet, kind-hearted old soul in a young body. Wise beyond her years and surprisingly elegant for a child her age. In her various incarnations as seen in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, she pretty much stays exactly the same as a young adult. A curse appears to be bestowed upon her by the almighty CLAMP-- she can never get the hell over her freaking cousin.

I mean, hey, Tomoyo, if you were a dude, your baby with Sakura would have terrible genetic makeup. Hope you kinda realized that. Cousin-love never usually ends well. Snap out of it.

This little princess is the heiress to a multimillion dollar toy corporation as well, so her future is pretty much sealed to be luxurious and glamorous. With her intelligence and MONEY, she'd be able to get anything and anyone she wants. Except her cousin, who will forever be deeply in love with her extremely attractive boyfriend/husband Syaoran.

Who comes to the rescue?

Eriol. Charming little English boy with all the memories of a grown man who exploded and split himself into two people so that he wouldn't live forever. (Was that the case? I read the series in Korean and never really bothered to fully analyze why Clow split himself up.) Which sort of goes against the fact that all his memories were given to Eriol. 'Cuz now, Eriol thinks he's Clow but doesn't really want to be, and now he's all confused and trying to get in bed with older women.

Here's the thing: Eriol doesn't want to be Clow. He's his own person. From what I understand, he's been in that young boy form for a while no, and I think his biological aging started once the cards were all converted to Sakura cards, putting him in the same frame as the rest of the kids. Whoopee. He even gave up HALF HIS MAGICAL POWERS to turn the reigning power over to Sakura and get could take a back seat and retire.

He certainly did have that irritating "I know more than you do about anything, mothaf*ckaaaaz" attitude toward everything BECAUSE he had the entire memory of another person. He is also somewhat of a womanizing playa. Eriol knew exactly how to push Syaoran's buttons by kissing Sakura's hand and fake-flirting with her (YOUR OWN DAUGHTER, YOU SICK SCUM!!!). Yue was also in love with Clow (or is that just master-servant devotion?). Eriol, in his young boy form, caused a grown woman to fall for him. And, from reading xxxHolic, I think Clow may have dangerously flirted around with Yuuko as well.

Basically, everyone was prey to his charm. Eriol could play with anyone's feelings and control them like puppets. Everyone was his plaything. No one could surprise him or catch him off-guard, except...

Tomoyo. Yep, non-magical Tomoyo certainly impressed him with her keen intuition and insight into metaphysical aspects of love and the human heart. If he didn't know any better, she probably figured out his entire plan before he started. If there's one person in the world who could keep him down-to-earth and pose any kind of challenge to him, it's Tomoyo. And that's what makes this couple so damn good to me.

Also, you HAVE to admit that, in real life, Tomoyo and Eriol would have a ton of psychological issues they struggle with. If I had repressed feelings for YEARS for my cousin, I'd probably need to take some pills and seek counseling. If I dealt with severe identity issues due to memories I have of another person that lived a hundred years ago, I'd want to smoke something to make it go away.

The abovementioned issues are the impetus for my current fic, which has been on hiatus since December and ohmygod I don't know where to really take it now. But, I think writing this entire thing on the pairing has gotten me in the mood to work on some drabbles or oneshots, for sure.

So, what do you all think/agree with/disagree with/etc.? :)))
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