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I need help.

Hello, fellow ExT shippers! I was hoping you could help me find these fics. There are four of them, actually, and I really hope I'd find them with your help. Mehehehe. //smacks self for being so shameless

Here they are:

1. Well, in this fic, it showed why Tomoyo always records videos of everyone. The reason behind it was because she had a disease, I think, and it caused her to forget. She asked Eriol here if forgetting was bad, I think, and he answered no. There was a scene of Tomoyo in the hospital later on. (Ring any bells, anyone?)

2. Now, in this fic, it's short and fluffy. It was Eriol's birthday, yet no one remembered. So after a bit of sulking on his part, later, Tomoyo handed him a gift. (I think it was a card or something like that) I searched for it before, and was wondering if it got deleted or something?

3. I don't remember much of this, actually, but I remeber that in the ending, Eriol dies or something, because he grew weak, and Tomoyo ran away when he confessed?

4. In here, Tomoyo introduces Eriol to her mother as her "tomodachi-kun." Sonomi is surprised, that the tomodachi Tomoyo was referring to wasn't Sakura. And...that's all I remember. Ohohoho.

So yeah. Really, really, hopeful that you guys would be able to help me. Thank you! :)
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