oystermato (oystermato) wrote in eriolxtomoyo,

Fanfic: "Opiate Theses"

Title: "Opiate Theses"

Author: oystermato 

Rating: T, but contains traces of M-rated themes. Nothing graphic; drug and alcohol usage present.

Summary: "Time heals all wounds, but a few chemical friends help make the process a bit more fun and easy. Two broken people with bad habits try to help each other out. Tomoyo/Eriol-centric; dark humor."

Notes: This is the Eriol/Tomoyo story I've been wanting to write and developing in my brain for seven years. I love CCS and Eriol and Tomoyo, but I wanted to give the whole premise a punch of the real world and deal with drastic issues that I feel wouldn't be out of the ordinary for two extraordinary characters. You've got a wealthy, powerful sorcerer "Reborn" for the new age with centuries' worth of wisdom and memories. You've also got a wealthy, powerful heiress of a multi-million-dollar corporation who's been in love with her female cousin for years. As 19 to 20-year-old adults (none of that precocious 14-year-old crap, please), these two would be prime abusers of intoxicating substances.

Here you go, kiddies! It's a work in progress.

( In a fallen place, the saving Grace was the feeling... )
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