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fanfiction: you'll do [1/5, eriolxtomoyo]

Title: You'll do
Author: happiness_ahead 
Pairing: Eriol Hiiragizawa & Tomoyo Daidouji
Rating: G
Summary: She just wanted Sonomi to get off her back. And he was just a guy who was there at the wrong place and the wrong time.
Warning: Alternate Universe. OOC-ness.
Disclaimer: Don't own anything. Anything at all.

“My plane just landed, Mother,” she complained in exasperation. “I just got home so can we stop talking about this? Please?”

She took out one of her earphones when Sonomi began yelling about the consequences of not having a boyfriend at 27. Apparently, twenty-seven is already middle age. And if you don’t get married in a year or two, you’ll never have babies. Her mother can be really creative at times it’s almost funny.

“Mother, if you’ll insist on this matter I will not go home,” she grated in a hushed tone as she passed her passport to the immigration officer. She threw a sarcastic smile to the officer as he snorted when he had an earshot of Sonomi’s rants.

Seriously, her mother needs to get a grip. Even strangers think she’s ridiculous. Or maybe he was laughing because he thought she was pathetic for not having a boyfriend at her age. She casted a measuring glance towards the man. No ring. Probably in his late thirties. And is that a potbelly under that coat? Hmm.

“Do not test my patience, Daidouji Tomoyo,” warned the Daidouji matriarch. “If you’ll insist to be stubborn, I will have the guards hold you at immigration.”

Wait a minute. How slow can this man get? And can civilians do that?

“Mother, you don’t own this place. This is government property.”

She heard her mother snort in derision. “I know that. But I could report a suspicious person…”


“Do not use that tone to me, Tomoyo!”

“Fine,” she said spitefully as she snatched her passport from the potbellied man. “I happen to have a boyfriend right now. I’ll introduce you to him tomorrow when he’s already settled in.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I could have spared you the lecture,” Sonomi’s tone turned gentler that sounded awfully like a coo.

Tomoyo rolled her eyes that said ‘yeah, right’. She hopped on the elevator with a stomp.

“But darling, I’m already at the airport. We can all meet now so you can finally introduce me to this special friend of yours.”

Torn between panicking and smacking herself on the forehead, she hangs up the phone.
Good lord, she’s going to get fried.
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